Car Vinyl Wrap Styles: 4 Unique Options to Choose From

vinyl wrap

Are you thinking of updating your car’s look? Or are you rebranding your business and ready to give the vehicles in your company fleet a makeover?

If you’re debating between a paint job vs vinyl wrap, you’ll discover many benefits to car wrapping. One of the best is that you don’t have to commit to wrapping your entire car from headlights to taillights.

With professional vinyl wrap installation, you’re free to choose the exact area(s) you want to customize. Since the film is applied one panel at a time, you have total control over the amount of coverage.

Are you aware of the many options available to you with custom vinyl wrapping? Here are some options you can choose from.

Option #1: Full Vehicle Wrap

In some instances, installing a full vehicle wrap makes the most sense.

It provides protection for every outside inch of your vehicle, keeping the original paint job in prime condition. This will preserve the value of your car over time, as the factory paint job will remain flawlessly in tact.

A full vehicle wrap is an excellent way to give your car a fresh look without the effort and expense of a paint job. You can choose from a single color in a matte finish, or jazz things up wih a metallic finish.

Your installer can also add any custom design to the wrap, from unique patterns to your company mascot or logo. The sky is literally the limit!

Option #2: Partial Vehicle Wrap

What if you’re working with a limited budget or you’re mostly concerned with protecting certain areas of your car?

A partial vinyl wrap could be the best solution for you. This is commonly applied to the hood and front bumper to protect your car from rocks and other road debris. This is also a great choice if you want to apply your company logo or mascot to the side doors.

Like a full wrap, you can choose from any color, finish, and pattern you like. You can also apply a completely clear wrap that provides protection without distorting the car’s appearance.

Option #3: Roof Only

This option is so popular that some car manufacturers offer it to new buyers. Nothing creates a more striking visual effect than a contrasting roof color amidst a sea of monochrome vehicles!

The good news is it doesn’t require an expensive or time-consuming paint job to update your vehicle’s look. Many owners select a plain black or white wrap for their roof to set their car apart from their neighbors.

But again, everything is customizable. If you want a colorful roof or a standout pattern, your installer can design it and make it happen.

Option #4: Hood Only

Do you want to hearken back to the days of muscle cars with flashy hood designs? You can give your car that same vintage look, no matter which decade it was manufactured.

Many race cars use actual carbon fiber hoods. But you can replicate that sporty look for a fraction of the cost with a carbon fiber-patterned vinyl wrap on the hood.

You could also apply the contrasting color rule here to give your car a unique appearance. Or you could let your imagination run wild with stripes, flames, or other fun patterns.

Professional Vinyl Wrap in South Florida

There are plenty of DIY kits out there, but vinyl wrap is one job you should leave to the pros.

They have access to the highest quality products on the market. They can customize the wrap to include any color, pattern, or company logo you want.

They also have the knowledge and experience to do the job right—the first time. Isn’t it worth the investment to keep your personal car or your company fleet looking great?

Here at Gino’s Mobile Tinting, we offer all the vinyl wrap options listed above (and more). Contact us today to discuss your vision and we’ll make it happen!