Caring For Tinted Windows


Cleaning tinted windows is easy and does not require any special products or skills. Learn how in less than 5 minutes! You can clean your windows in the ordinary way, however the accompanying focuses ought to be watched:

  • Try not to clean the film for no less than four weeks after establishment.
  • Utilize a spray, synthetic sponge or a soggy fabric to apply the cleaning solution. We prescribe a solution methylated spirits (20%) and water (80%). Try not to utilize anything with ammonia as a fixing.
  • Warm water and a cleanser, methylated spirits and water or a conventional solutiont may be utilized.
  • Try not to utilize any brushes or abrasives in the cleaning process as they will scratch the film.
  • “Non- scratching” cleaners, for example, jiff or abrasives, for example, Ajax and Bon Ami should never be utilized.
  • Dry the film with a decent quality rubber squeegee, a chamois or a soggy delicate material.

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