Security Window Film: How It Keeps You (And Your Valuables) Safe

Did you know there’s one break-in every 13 seconds in the US?

Here’s another statistic to take note of: 78% of burglars say that any sign of home security would deter them from targeting that home.

What’s the point? Security systems and alarms for your home, office, and vehicle are an excellent idea, but that’s not the only thing you can do.

Have you considered the benefits of security window film? It could be the determining factor between a thief targeting you—or choosing someone else.

Read on to learn 3 important ways security window film can help you rest easier at night.

Deters Theft Before It Can Occur

Most burglars take time to scope out potential targets before attempting a robbery. The easier it is to see inside your home or office, the higher your chances of becoming a bullseye.

Is your big flat-screen TV visible from the yard or the street? Is there a row of expensive computers and other equipment near your office windows? These can be incredibly tempting to a thief if they’re out in plain view.

If you want to make your possessions secure without sacrificing your view, security window film is the perfect solution. Reflective or one-way window tint makes it difficult to look inside without disrupting your ability to look outside.

Disrupts Smash & Grab Attempts

Of course, security films are not bulletproof. And no security system (no matter how advanced) can guarantee 100% protection.

If a determined thief does attempt a break-in on your property, a thick layer of security film will definitely slow down the process. Experts estimate it takes three extra minutes to break through a window that’s protected by security film.

Three minutes might not sound like a lot, but it could be long enough for someone to notice the intrusion, call the police, and get to a safe location.

Prevents Damage & Injury

Here’s another advantage of window films you may not have considered before.

Let’s say a tree branch hits your windows during a storm or you’re involved in an auto accident. How much damage could result, either to you or your valuables, from flying shards of glass?

Window film may not prevent your windows from shattering, but it will hold the glass fragments in place. This greatly reduces the risk of injury for you and anyone else involved.

Ready to Install Security Window Film?

In today’s day and age, you can’t be too careful with your belongings. Protective window film is a logical addition to your existing security measures.

It acts as a powerful deterrent to potential burglars by hiding your valuables from plain sight. If there is an attempted break-in, the film will buy you precious time to alert the authorities and get to a safe place.

It could also keep you and your passengers safe from flying glass in the event of a car accident or severe storm.

Gino’s Mobile Tinting is proud to offer a selection of high-quality security window films for your home, office, and vehicles. Click here to get in touch and learn more about our services.